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Influencer & Cooperation

To the all the creative Style-lovers:

In Julyliebe we know how much do you love expressing yourself with your outfits, creating unique combinations and sharing them with the people.

We love seeing how you can turn a simple piece in a outstanding outfit. We love the passion you have for the colours and singular designs, and the joy you transmit while walking wearing what makes you happy. You have no fear when it comes to your style, because you are confident in your own skin.

That is why we want to give you the opportunity of working with us.

If your style is something you live and love everyday and you love sharing your fashion creations and ideas with creative pictures on your social media, you can join to our team. contact us to info@julyliebe.com,with the following information and remember: be always unique. be always you

  • write a short text about yourself and what makes you and your style unique and outstanding.
  • what makes your social media different? how do you get inspired?
  • share with us your social media accounts and in which are you more active.
  • Why do you feel identified with julyliebe? Which garment do you like it most? Why?
  • Share with us a media kit with 1-3 pictures that show your unique identity and style.

We look forward to seeing your creativity!

Your julyliebe Team