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Maxi dress in winter? Of course! 4 easy ways to style a maxi dress

Maxi Dress More Love Red Heart JulyliebeIt is clear that we love dresses! Short, midi, long, with flowers, with long sleeves, strapless, black or with colors. And in winter, when we only think about cozy clothes and covering ourselves from head to toe, we choose them again. A beautiful long dress with a stunning print can be the star of our winter wardrobe and your favorite piece to create different outfits on cold days.

Keep scrolling to find out 4 easy ideas to style your More Love maxi dress this winter:

With a crop hoodie + big scarf

Let's start with a simple outfit. We combine our favorite hoodie crop, the one we always Have on hand for last minute outfits, and we add a large scarf for extra-warm touch and to accentuate our face. We complete the look with comfortable boots to enjoy the walk.

More Love Dress Red Hearts Julyliebe

With an oversized turtleneck sweater + canvas sneakers

Add more color to your outfit with a super comfy high neck maxi sweater. Complete the look with a pair of canvas sneakers. They look great with long dresses, are comfortable and create a more relaxed and fun look.
More Love Long Dress Red Hearts Julyliebe Maxi Sweater Yellow

With a leather jacket + combat boots

Because we love the contrast between hard and soft, a leather jacket looks ideal with long sweet dresses. We combine it with a must-have for every wardrobe: combat boots. A classic outfit that always looks good!
More Love Maxi long dress red hearts julyliebe jacket winter

With a fluffy coat + eye catching bag

A look to turn heads! Add more drama to your dress with a short extra fluffy jacket and add a handbag that stands out from the whole outfit. You are going to get a look to envy.

More Love Long Dress Red Hearts Julyliebe


We know how much you love dresses and how creative you are! Let us know your ideas and send us your pictures to info@julyliebe.com or DM us on Instagram @julyliebe

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